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Coprosider S.r.l.

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" Design and Production of fittings, special components and welded pipes in carbon steel,
low alloy, stainless steel, duplex and other special alloys "
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Coprosider Products are widely in service in the Gas and Oil sectors and are supplied to various other types of plants.

Coprosider S.r.l is actively supplying pipes, butt welding , fittings and piping components for all industrial applications .

Coprosider designs and handles in stock:

  • Pipes
  • BW Fittings/Lateral Tees
  • Heavy Special Forgings
  • Special Product
  • Manifold
  • Y Pieces
  • Thick wall butt weld fittings seamless for high pressure lines and Thermal Power Station
  • Sphere Tees
  • Pigging Tees
  • Other products

Coprosider for the realization of products handles in stock several materials

  • Carbon and Alloy Steel for moderate and elevated Temperature
  • High Test Steel for pipe line and Offshore
  • Carbon and Alloy steel for low tempearture Service
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ferritic/Austenitic stainless Steel
  • Nickel and Nickel Alloys
  • Special Alloy
  • Other materials


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Coprosider S.r.l.
Via Cassoli, 7 - 29122 Piacenza (PC) - Italia
Tel. +39 0523 571410-Fax +39 0523 623094
P.IVA 01378760332