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Coprosider S.r.l.

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" Design and Production of fittings, special components and welded pipes in carbon steel,
low alloy, stainless steel, duplex and other special alloys "
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Coprosider S.r.l.   -   Company profile and activity   -   

Coprosider S.r.l is a private company the shareholders actively manage and control the business.

Coprosider was established in 1975 and its mill and stock are situated in Piacenza ITALY.

Coprosider is furnished with most advanced equipment which allow us to obtain very high quality standards

Coprosider S.r.l is actively supplying pipes, butt welding fittings and piping components for all industrial applications.

Coprosider stock in one of the largest products with regards to Stainless steel, Duplex, Super Duplex and other special Alloy.

Due to this large stock Coprosider is able to satisfy very short delivery requirements with materials which respect all the international standards, clients and project specifications.

Raccordi, tubi, tee - Products -

Coprosider products are in service in the Gas and Oil sectors and are supplied to various other types of plants such as Chemical, , Petrol chemical , Power (Nuclear and conventional ), Pipelines and all other facilities requiring the transportation of gas or liquid.

Coprosider scope of supply included also fabricated equipment and specially designed components for use in particularly severe applications, calculated and designed by Coprosider Technical/Engineering departments.

The supplies include Sphere Tees for gas and sub sea pipelines, Manifold, Wye pieces, Lateral Fittings, thick wall butt weld fittings seamless for high pressure lines and Power Thermal Station, and all non-specific components for a variety of project functions.

  • Business Management and Project Management Consulting
  • Engineering and Designing
  • Procurement activities
  • Expediting activities
  • Inspection activities
  • Mechanical and chemical tests
  • Material requalification
  • Supply of raw materials and special products also by customer request with particular care for: Quality - Punctuality in delivery - Competitive price - Flexible production
  • Logistic activities
  Certificazione UKAS   Certificazione Bureau Veritas  
    Certificazioni Sincert  
The Quality System of Coprosider S.r.l. is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Standard


The Certification has been issued by "Bureau Veritas Quality International", International Organization founded in 1828 leader in Certifiation Services
Coprosider S.r.l.
Via Cassoli, 7 - 29122 Piacenza (PC) - Italia
Tel. +39 0523 571410-Fax +39 0523 623094
P.IVA 01378760332